The UN held a development summit in 2015 at its headquarters in New York. During this summit, global leaders adopted a program to « transform our world » by 2030. They defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030.
We are far from the goal, it's urgent!

Given that the current efforts of the international community are not sufficient to achieve this goal, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL continues to call on national and international players, both private and public, to assume their responsibilities.

To this end, the United Nations Water Conference in New York in March 2023 was an opportunity to mobilize all governments and stakeholders.

Mobilization remained declarative:

  • The "call to action" of the Wash Roadmap, which brought together some thirty NGOs, including SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, gathered 175 signatures, including those of Switzerland and France.
  • The New York Conference generated 782 voluntary - non-binding - commitments by states and organizations to improve access to water and sanitation.

“We have less than 10 years to achieve universal access to drinking water, which the United Nations recognized as a human right in July 2010! The world is thirsty, and time is running short. Now is not the time to drop the water problem. No one must be left behind!”

For over forty years, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been fighting to provide as many people as possible with access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

Our teams work hard to deliver drinking water during emergencies, install water and sanitation facilities, build showers and latrines, and distribute hygiene kits.

We work with local authorities and development organizations to consolidate public ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ services.

It advocates universal access to water. It takes an active part in major events in the sector, such as the World Water Forum and, in March 2023, the United Nations Water Conference.


  • Concrete action beyond the mere recognition of the global water crisis,
  • Access to drinking water for all, particularly in humanitarian crises,
  • Strong political fovernance, through the creation of a UN Special Envoy for Water,
  • Compliance with Sustainable Development Goal 6 by 2030, including access to sanitation services for all.
There are only seven years left until 2030: the world is thirsty for change!

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